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Single-wall carbon nanohorns’ electrical characteristics

(a) TEM image of dahlia-shaped SWCNH bundles. Scale bar is 50 nm. (b) Raman spectra of SWCNHs, excited with a 532 nm laser. Credit: European Research Institute of Catalysis

Carbon nanohorns have interesting features for a range of applications. Despite its potential, the majority carrier type (electrons or holes) that determines this unique semiconductor’s electronic characteristics is poorly understood. Indirect measurements have produced inconsistent results.

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We directly determine the main carrier type in single-wall carbon nanohorns by measuring thermopower. Using this direct method, we show that SWCNH films have a positive Seebeck coefficient, indicating they’re p-type semiconductors. Tuning the hole or electron concentrations of SWCNH layers with molecular electron acceptors and donors confirms this conclusion.

The results give a framework for monitoring and chemically adjusting the majority carrier type in this nanocarbon semiconductor. Journal of Materials Chemistry C published the paper.

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Further information: Anna Zieleniewska et al, Elucidating the electronic properties of single-wall carbon nanohorns, Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2022). DOI: 10.1039/D2TC00179A

Source: European Research Institute of Catalysis

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